Services and Fees

What Services Does Offer?

We offer a support service to:

Scheme Members
Scheme Trustees
Beneficiaries of a Pension Adjustment Order (PAO)
  • The PAO is a legal document, and the Order can only be made following a legal separation or divorce. It is therefore essential that your solicitor or counsel advise on the draft of the Order and the Court process to execute the Order.

Our support services can include:

  • Identifying the pension schemes and policies to be included.
  • Valuing the pension benefits to be considered on separation.
  • Advising on scheme specific benefits, in particular benefits secured under a defined benefit scheme.
  • Advising on public service schemes and benefits.
  • Assist with the information required under the PAO such as details of scheme trustees, relevant period of contributions etc.
  • Advise the beneficiary of a PAO on the best course of action, this can include leaving benefits under the existing scheme or transferring the benefits into their own name.

How Do We Charge?

There is no charge for the first consultation / meeting.

This will allow you an opportunity to find out if we can assist with your situation, and allow us to establish if our service will add value to the process.

If you decide to use our service, we charge an hourly fee which can range from €150 per hour to €250 per hour depending on how complicated the pension arrangements are.

We will estimate the total cost for you after our initial meeting.